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Bulk Whois API is described as a 'provider of parsed WHOIS data in JSON format with an easy-to-use API, a reasonable pricing, and superior support. We support all TLDs, including new generic top-level domains (gTLDs). Spend little more than necessary to get your company's WHOIS information. There are over 25 Bulk Whois API alternatives available. These include websites as well as apps for a variety of systems, including Windows, self-hosted solutions, Linux, and Mac. The most advantageous alternative is API Spot, which is completely free. WebCargo (Paid), (Freemium), WhoisAPI (Freemium), and Domain Checker (Freemium) are all excellent alternatives to Bulk Whois API (Freemium). Whois API is a hosted web service that provides your application with well-parsed WHOIS fields in standard XML and JSON formats every HTTP request. Leave the legwork to us, since we are not bound by the query limit or other restrictions imposed by various domain registrars. We provide well-parsed and ordered WHOIS data for all domain names, registrars, countries, and TLDs dating all the way back to the dawn of the internet. Our comprehensively crawled live and historical domain data is available through REST APIs, lookup tools, and a downloadable database. Retrieve the WHOIS records and ownership information for any domain name, including the owner's name, email address, country, date of registration, latest update, expiration, and the registrar's and domain's location in JSON/XML format. Historically, Whois services have been provided via the NICNAME/WHOIS protocol as defined in RFC 954 and RFC 3912. This is a simple text-based TCP protocol that is registered with the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) on the well-known port 43. The protocol's description, RFC 3912, makes no mention of data types or formats. As a consequence, Whois data varied significantly across service providers and was thus unsuitable for automated consumption. As a result, ARIN originally provided enhanced Whois capabilities via its own ARIN-specific Whois-RWS implementation. However, with the establishment of the Registration Access Data Protocol (RDAP) in 2015 under the auspices of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) such as ARIN and other registrars were able to provide additional benefits over Whois port 43 and Whois-RWS. Initially, ARIN supported RDAP queries and responses through a command-line interface and an API. As of 2019, ARIN strongly recommends that you embrace Whois/RDAP due to its standardization, support for security, and access to registration data from other RIRs, registrars, and organizations that support RDAP. Bulk Whois API


An API is a means through which one program may easily consume the capabilities or data of another. APIs allow developers to easily access and reuse application logic established by other developers by offering stable, simpler entry points to application logic and data. With APIs, logic and data are made publicly available through the internet. APIs have a contract because programs that use them are sensitive to changes. The contract guarantees that the API will evolve in a predictable way over time.


A proxy is anything that operates on behalf of another entity or individual. API proxies provide as a bridge between your application and your backend, allowing developers to access backend services via a standardized interface. An API proxy is a thin API server that presents a reliable interface for a service or a set of services that are already in operation. You may design a bespoke API interface for an application (commonly referred to as a frontend) that interacts with various aspects of your backend system. This enables you to build an API that adapts to the demands of your application without having to update the underlying services in your backend architecture.

  BETTERMEMBER.NET is the domain name.
335953702 DOMAIN NET-VRSN is the domain ID for the registry.
Whois Server for the Registrar:
URL of the domain registrar:
  top-level domains.COM,.NET, and.EDU.
  KULMFUELF.ONLINE is the domain name and the registry that manages it. 
  Registrar WHOIS Server: Domain ID: D258520889-CNIC Registrar 
  WHOIS Server:
URL of the registrar:
Date last modified: 2021-11-09T16:32:00.0Z
Date of creation: November 8, 2021, 22:46:22.0Z
The registry will expire on November 8, 2022, at 23:59:59.0Z.

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